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Name: Games/PokemonGo/PokeMap/com.waveeeeee.pokemap_3.3.0-14_minAPI16(nodpi)


You are downloading PokeMap APK file for Android. You can install this Pokemon Go map on any Android device.

File Size: 5.04 MB

MD5 Info

MD5 Checksum: 872a62593da1f21dc19beb8790416fe7

What is MD5?

MD5 is a crypto-hash you can use to verify your downloaded files.

You can verify your downloaded file by using an MD5 File Sum Checker app! on your Android smartphone/tablet.

Date Uploaded:July 28 2016 12:46:40.

This is an APK file you can install on any Android device.

Virus and Malware Check

The following APK file has been checked for virus and contains no malware.

Please be aware of websites that may have malware, only provides APK files that are 100% safe to install.

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How to Install APK Files

If you have trouble installing the APK file, please use a file manager app to install. You can grab ES File Explorer if you do not have a file manager app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Make sure you have "Unknown Sources" checked ON in your Settings menu as you will not be able to install APK files without doing that.

Also be aware of other APK sites that do not check for malware as you can easily get malware from downloading from wrong sites. Always download from trustable source like where we verify each APK file in details.

If you need help installing the APK file, please email us at for help.

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